Information on Bike Parcel and Bike Rental for Ladakh trips

March 19, 2015

Ladakh, The Land of the High Mountain Passes is the dream destination for every enthusiastic motorcyclist. The thrill of overcoming the many challenges & hurdles encountered enroute the journey to Ladakh is what makes the journey memorable for Bikers!


To ensure that we keep aside the challenge & hurdles for the road & make the Bike Rental/ Transportation seamless, we would be more than glad to assist our guests with the same.


Guests have the option of parcelling their own bikes or renting a bike for the trip. The procedure and costs related to both options are given below:



1. Bike Rental Options: We have tie ups with bike rental companies & can assist in renting motorcycles of varying categories for the Ladakh road trip through them.

A. Bike Rental from Manali to Srinagar:


Royal Enfield 500cc - Rs.1500/- per day


Royal Enfield 350cc - Rs.1200/- per day


Pulsar/Avenger - Rs.1000/- per day


KTM Duke - Rs.1400/- per day


Security Deposit - Rs.10,000/-


Bike Transportation cost from Srinagar to Manali - Rs.12,000/-



B. Bike Rental in Leh


Royal Enfield 500cc - Rs.1600/- per day


Royal Enfield 350cc - Rs.1300/- per day


Pulsar/Avenger - Rs.1000/- per day


KTM Duke - Rs.1400/- per day


Security Deposit - Any valid id Proof


Note: The cost of rentals are subjective (in Himachal, etc.) depending on high and low season and can vary as per demand. We can however assist with negotiation of the best cost for our guests.



2. Bike Transport for Self-Owned Bikes: We can guide our guests with the best & trouble free transport options for their beloved machines.


Bike parcel is undertaken via parcel agents. Canvas N Chrome can give all relevant information for bike parcel or can actually help guests by providing parcel services.


The cost for bike parcel for various options (rail or road) is as follows:


By rail :

Cost of Bike Parcel (BDTS - CDG) through Railway Parcel Agent – Rs.4500/-



Cost of Bike Parcel (Jammu – Mumbai) through Railway Parcel Agent – Rs.4000/-


By road :


Cost of Bike Parcel (Mumbai – Manali) through Gati road transport – Rs.7700/-


Cost of Bike Parcel (Srinagar – Anywhere) through Gati road transport – Rs.7700/-



Apart from the cost of transport, the other incidental expenditure for bikes undertaking a 2-week road trip in Ladakh is as listed below:


Approximate Fuel Cost for Journey – Rs.7000/- (Varies as per Bike Type)

Approximate cost of Spares/Maintenance – Rs.2000/-


Cost of bike transport from Leh to Srinagar is not available yet. It will be updated as soon as we recive the details for the same.



* Canvas N Chrome will charge a fee of Rs. 1000 per bike per route in case guests would like us to undertake the process of parcelling the bikes. The bikes will have to be dropped at the parcel point by the guests and our representatives will oversee the packing and parcel process and free up the valuable time of the guests. The collection of the bikes at the destination, however, will have to be undertaken by the guests themselves. As of now this facility is available only in Mumbai and Pune but we will try and extend it to other cities at the earliest.


The pros and cons of bike transfer v/s bike rental:


Bike transfer                   /            Bike Rental


1. Guests can ride their own,      1. Guests have to ride an  

   known bikes that they are          unknown and unfamiliar bike

   familiar with

2. Guests can rest assured wrt     2. Quality and maintenance of

   the maintenance and service        the bikes is not always 

   of their own bikes                 assured

3. Less chances of a breakdown     3. Higher chances of a



4. Bike transfer by rail is        4. Bike is available on the 

   limited to certain end point       spot. Guests can fly in to

   stations only, thereby adding      the start point location

   to the travel time. (e.g. for      and commence ride from there

   a trip starting from Srinagar,     Saves time.

   guests have to transport bikes

   to Jammu and spend an extra day

   riding to Srinagar


5. Bike transport by road to the

   start point of the trip can be

   unpredictable as there is no

   timeline guarantee as to when

   the bike will arrive at the 

   destination. If it arrives too

   early, storage charges have to

   be paid. If it arrives late, 

   guests will have to make other

   arrangements for travel with 

   the trip. 



As such we recommend that guests either rent a bike (which we thoroughly check before embarking on a trip) or transport their bike to Jammu or Chandigarh by rail and ride to Srinagar or Manali (single day ride) to join the trips. On the way back, it is possible to ride to the nearest rail head and transport by rail or transport by road through Gati services at the end-point of teh trip.



If you have any other queries regarding bike transport, please get in touch with us on cncadventure or leave a message on our website contact link here.


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