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Here is a listing of fixed departure itineraries to Ladakh this year.. Pick one that fits your needs!
All these itineraries include stay in the top-rated hotels and luxury camps and 5 travellers per SUV  to get the best of the beautiful landscape of Ladakh. The scenic beauty is one of the highlights of Ladakh road trips so we like to ensure everyone gets the best views! 
Ladakh in a week       ->  Srinagar-Leh (9D/8N)                           Dep: Sept 5 / 12                 Twin-sharing cost : Rs. 34,500 / person        More Details 
Window to Ladakh    ->  Manali - Leh - Srinagar (15D/14N)       Dep: Jun / Jul                    Twin-sharing cost : Rs. 46,500 / person        More Details             
Magnificent Ladakh   ->  Manali - Leh - Srinagar (15D/14N)       Dep: Jul / Aug                   Twin-sharing cost                                              More Details
                                                                                                                                                                                     Bikers : Rs. 34,500 / person
                                                                                                                                                                                     SUV    : Rs. 48,500 / person
Off-Beat Ladakh        ->  Srinagar-Zanskar-Leh-Changthang    Dep: Sept 19                       Twin-sharing cost                                              More Details
                                            (16D/15N)                                                                                                                       Bikers : Rs. 38,500 / person
                                                                                                                                                                                     SUV    : Rs. 56,500 / person
 Ladakh on a budget -> Srinagar - Leh - Manali (14D/13N)         Dep: Aug 9                         Twin-sharing cost                                             More Details
                                                                                                                                                                                     Bikers : Rs. 27,000 / person
                                                                                                                                                                                     SUV    : Rs. 39,500 / person

Dep : Jun / Jul / Sept


Twin-Sharing cost : Rs. 34,500/ person


More details here.


This set of tours is planned for those who wish to visit Ladakh but are short on days for travel.


It covers all the major highlights of Srinagar-Leh highway and of Ladakh, including the monasteries and palaces in Leh, Khardungla pass, Nubra valley, Pangong Tso, Kargil war memorial, etc. Get the best of Ladakh in the shortest time possible



Ladakh week
Dep : Jun / Jul
Twin-Sharing Cost : Rs. 46,500 / person


More details here


Ladakh from the comfort of an SUV! 


Enjoy the stunning landscapes while avoiding facing the elements. The ladakh landscapes are a marvel, not to be missed, and the comfort of 5 travellers per SUV allows you to click marvellous photographs whether rain, shine or anow!


Join us along the Srinagar - Leh - Manali highway and cover the best of what Ladakh has to offer.



Magnificent Ladakh

Dep : Aug / Sept


Twin-Sharing Cost :


 for bikers : Rs. 34,500 / person

 for SUV trvellers : Rs. 48,500/ person


More details in attached link

The trip for the bikers!! 

Cruise along the Srinagar - Leh highway and face the challenges of the Leh - Manali highway. Cross Rohtang, Khardungla and other high passes, relax and sight-see at Leh. Get the best of the vistas of Ladakh in panoramic view as you ride through the stunning terrain!


SUV travellers, don't lose heart. We have space for 1 - 2 SUVs as well!



Off Beat Ladakh

Dep : September 19 


Twin-Sharing Cost :


 for bikers : Rs. 38,500 / person

 for SUV travellers : Rs. 56,500/ person


More details here



Ladakh - the destination that is on most bucket lists. There is a lot more to Ladakh than meets the eye; lots to discover off the beaten track (yes there is a beaten track in Ladakh too :D )


Join us on this off-beat trip and explore the Zanskar valley, the Changthang region, the high mountain passes beyond Tso Moriri as well as Leh, PangongTso and Nubra valley.



Budget Ladakh

Trip Dates:

Aug 9 - 22, 2015


Twin-Sharing Cost :


for bikers : Rs. 27,000 / person

for SUV travellers : Rs. 39,000/ person


More details here


The Himalayas and Ladakh hold a fascination that is unmatched by any other destination. The landscapes, the culture, the ancient architecture and the unique way of life are all fascinating and worthy of the coveted spot on everyone's bucket list. We believe in making all our destinatons accessible and affordable so one can pack as many experiences as possible into the time-span and budgets available to all of us.


Keeping this in mind, we have planned a less than luxurious but absolutely fascinating trip to this Himalayan Kingdom, where we cut down the frills but not the adventure..


Join Canvas N Chrome on our road trip as we ride / drive down the beautiful vistas of the Srinagar - Leh - Manali Road and explore the Himalayan Kingdom.

Special Notes :


  • All above itineraries are on twin-sharing CP basis except where mentioned otherwise

  • Dinner will be included at remote locations where retaurants are not easily available

  • Stay will be in some of the best-rated hotels and luxury camps (except in the Ladakh on a Budget trip)

  • The 'Ladakh in a week' and 'Window to Ladakh' plans are SUV plans only. We will, however, consider including bikes should we get requests for more than 8 bikes

  • Service Tax @ 3.09% is payable on the total cost of the trip

  • For more information on bike rentals and transportation, click here.



  • The above itineraries are also available as customised trips and also with budget stay options. Guests may contact us directly on our contact details or by filling in the contact box below with details of itinerary requests and we will provide a customised plan to suit any date and budget requirements. 


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