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Cost exclusions


  • ​Lunch for Sunday needs to be packed. Alternatively one can choose to order as per choice when we take a break on the highway

  • Packaged Water, Snacks during Travel or Trek etc

  • Anything other than that mentioned in the inclusions above


Cost inclusions


  • Breakfast on Sunday​

  • Travel from ​Borivali to Harihar and back​

  • ​Toll and parking charges​

  • All Expertise and Guide Charges





  • Registrations will be confirmed on first come first served basis upon receipt of full payment.


  • The trek will be conducted subject to minimum number of 12 registrations.



Trip Date: July 15, 2017


Cost: Rs. 1,300 per person

Group Size : 25 explorers maximum


A fort nestled in the gorgeous Nashik region with sheer vertical faces on a prismatic/triangular mountain has been on our list to raise the adventure quotient. The rains coupled with the fact that the fort is accessible only through rock cut steps carved out into the edge of the mountain at a mind boggling angle of  almost 70 degrees makes this a must for thrill seekers.

Join  Canvas N Chrome as we clamber up through the sheer vertical rock cut stairs to the gorgeous fort of Harihar.




Detailed Itinerary: 

Saturday, 15th July 2017


  • Travel to base village by Private Transport from Borivali @ 23.00hrs with pickup along the way enroute

  • Route will be via Sion - Ghatkopar- Thane

Sunday, 16th July 2017 


  • Arrive by early morning @ Base village 

  • Simple Breakfast will be provided before we begin the trek

  • Start trek at Sunrise to beat the heat

  • Take in the thrill of ascending/descending the sheer rock cut steps to the fort & explore its ruins

  • Descend back down to the base village by afternoon & start return journey back to Mumbai

  • Tentative arrival at Borivali – 20.00hrs

  • Trip ends

 Important Notes:


  • The Hike/Trek is graded as Medium because of the steep exposed steps leading to the top of the fort; Endurance grade is Medium as it takes around 2.5hrs to get to the top of the fort.

  • Wearing full clothes (Track pants + Full sleeve Shirt/Tshirt) is advisable – Prevents cuts & bruises while walking through the forest & also protects from insect bites.

  • Track pants advisable – Jeans can get uncomfortable on treks & also tend to soak & retain water if it rains, avoid as far as possible

  • Trekking/Sports shoes advisable – Covered feet provide safety from stubbing your toes on rocks, etc and also from insect/snake bite.

  • Extra Floaters/Footwear advisable – Sports shoes tend to open up/tear during treks through rain & having an extra pair of floaters helps.

  • A sturdy & comfortable haversack advisable – To stock all the gear & keep hands free while hiking.

  • Packing of all essentials in polythene advisable – To protect from getting wet in the rain.

  • A good torch is always a handy companion on a trek

  • 2 liters of water is compulsory.

Our Belief System:

  • Nature along with Fresh Air & Serenity are intoxicating enough to most city dwellers seeking a short sabbatical from the hectic city life; Kindly refrain from consuming Alcohol & other intoxicants while on the trip.

  • If lighting up a smoke is something that one cannot do without; we would request you to ask for permission and move away from the group to reduce passive smoking for the non-smokers.

  • Loud Music from Portable Bluetooth Speakers/Phones does not fit in with our idea of fun on a Trek/Trip. If one cannot do without a dose of music, we strongly recommend the use of headphones.

  • Our Experienced Leaders have the best interests & safety of each guest & the group as a whole in mind. Kindly refrain from questioning the veracity of his/her decisions.

  • All our Trek/Trips are planned & executed with Safety being the top most priority; However the onus of our own safety lies with each one of us.

  • Wearing of expensive jewellery while on Treks/Trips is best avoided.

  • And last but definitely not the least, Refrain from Littering!




** We strive to provide the best of services & adhere to the planned tour program, However the Program can be subject to change **







To register, please get in touch with us on:




Rohit Nayak: (+91) - 961 901 7717


or send us a message via the 'contact us' box at the end of the page.


To register for the trip, please download the registration form here , fill it, save a copy and mail it to us on the above email.



Payment details will be communicated upon receipt of registration request and registration will be confirmed upon receipt of full payment.






Trek Highlights


  • A comfortable hike from base​village to the plateau to access the steps

  • ​Thrill & Adrenaline Rush while ascending/descending the sheer rock cut steps of the fort

  • Take in the view of the region from the Citadel of the fort

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